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Welcome to scrap metal prices uk, here you will find some fantastic prices on scrap metal, copper, lead, etc,give us a try today..

Scrap metal prices
Scrap metal is a lucrative business, and depending on the type of metal on offer, can bring in some real profit for companies and individuals willing to get their hands dirty in the trade.
The first important thing to remember is that you’re going to get the best prices if you turn over some quality metal. In this respect, it helps enormously if you know what you’re looking at to begin with. Maximise your profit and command the highest scrap metal prices, by following some of these suggestions below..


scrap metal prices uk
scrap lead prices
1.Sort your metals. Mixed loads of random scrap metals won’t get you very far, buyers might be able to spot some copper or steel in with the bits and pieces, but they’re not going to want to sift through it to find a bargain. Prices for metal jumbles tend to be much lower than carefully sorted selections. Make piles of different metals, let the dealer know what they’re looking at, then they won’t have any excuses to offer you less than it’s worth.
2.Carrying on from the first point; remove all non-metal components from your haul. Bits of concrete and debris will drive the price down.
3.Don’t deal under the table. Reputable metal brokers will have their number in the phonebook and might advertise locally, anything else is questionable. A friend of a friend, or someone with a shady contact should not be trusted, they’re not likely to be operating above board and if it’s cash you’re after, you’ll almost certainly get a rough deal. Experts in the field know what they’re looking for, so don’t get conned.
4.Strip your wires. Copper and aluminium cable is worth a few quid, but you can make more money if you strip the plastic from around the wires. It’s of higher value to dealers if you do a bit of extra work beforehand to prepare your haul.
5.Carry a magnet. For brokers or independent sellers, a magnet is a tool of the trade. Magnetic metals and non-magnetic ones have different values, so knowing the different could alter the price dramatically.
Whether you’re buying or selling, it’s always a good idea to keep abreast of scrap metal prices, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to get online. Websites are the quickest portal to local and global prices in the scrap metal market, and can be the difference between a good deal and a great one. There are two price brackets to bear in mind when looking, open market, and local prices – they can vary considerably. This method also allows you to compare prices from different brokers, both local and further afield, and ultimately helps you make the decision about which deal is the best. In some cases, it’s certainly worth travelling a short distance to get a better price for your metal.
Whilst most scrap metal firms are happy to take lots of type of metal, there are some – usually local, smaller companies – that don’t accept everything, so save yourself a journey and call them up beforehand. Most scrap metals are divided into basic categories to make it simpler to sort and price; ferrous scrap metal, non-ferrous scrap metal, exotics, and auto body scrap......

Scrap metal prices uk

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